Buy In Greene/Invest In Greene


The Buy in Greene / Invest in Greene program encourages businesses to locate, grow or expand in Greene County, while encouraging residents to shop, dine and buy services locally. This program adds to the strength of our local economy by helping to create and sustain jobs, while increasing our tax base revenue and invigorating our main streets and business centers.

The Greene County Economic Development team is motivated to help your business thrive in Greene County. They have a dedicated staff that is on-hand to assist you through all phases of business growth from start-up to expansion. If you are looking to start or relocate your business, their team has an inventory of available retail, industrial and commercial spaces and we will help you choose the best location based on infrastructure considerations.

They also understand the nuances of business financing and will help you choose the best financing partner or program based upon your needs and resources. Their website has links to their many plans, studies and demographic data as well as more information about Greene County.

If you are interested in opening or expanding your business contact Teri Weiss directly at or 518-719-3285.

The Greene County Economic Development team are also focused on attracting consumers to the towns and main streets of Greene County. They have a well-rounded outreach campaign that targets tourists, commuters, regional shoppers and second homeowners. These motivated shoppers are looking for the products and resources that your business can provide.

Visit the website for a directory of businesses to find out more about their offerings.